Yahoo! Research Labs Releases Yahoo! Mindset (Beta)

Source: Yahoo! Next Web Site June 9, 2005 Dave’s Comments (Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog): Sort the first 100 Yahoo! search results for your search term to reflect whether you’re ready to buy now (commercial) or you want to learn more about your search term (research/information-oriented). It’s really a neat new feature! Here’s what Yahoo! has … Read more

Detecting Click Fraud – A Fast-Growing Cottage Industry

Source: Wall Street Journal 9 June 2005 Dave’s Comments (Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog): “Click Fraud”?! Just when you were getting ready to dip your toes (and budget) into the world of search engine advertising, you hear the dreaded phrase, “click fraud”. What’s a marketer to do? Here are some words of wisdom from the Wall … Read more

Thomas Register Turns Exclusively to Online Listings

by Dave Ingalls Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog June 1, 2005 In a move that truly demonstrates the impact the Internet/Web has had on the business-to-business (B2B) marketplace, Thomas Information Network has announced that it has discontinued the print versions of its Thomas Register of American Manufacturers and Thomas Register Regional Buying Guides. The information contained … Read more

Reciprocal Linking and Text Link Ads

by Dave Ingalls Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog May 31, 2005 Reciprocal Linking has been a particulary important element of Search Engine Optimization since the rise of Google. As you can review on my Linking Strategies Web page, reciprocal linking is a mechanism you can use to create inbound text links pointing to your Web site … Read more

Web Site Stats

by Dave Ingalls Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog Everyone says you should keep track of your Web site statistics, but why and for what purpose? I give several examples of how and why I use NetTracker Web log analysis software on one of the Web sites I manage in a recent post to my Internet Marketing … Read more

Google Suggest

by Dave Ingalls Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog May 15, 2005 Google has launched it’s (beta) version of Categorized Search. Named “Google Suggest”, I think it’s better/cooler than the other versions previously discussed in my Internet Marketing Course (click on this link to review: Categorized Search). Try it out for yourself: Google Suggest (link no longer … Read more

To Blog or not to Blog?

by Dave Ingalls Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog March 5, 2005 One of the hottest Internet Marketing topics these days involves the use of “Blogs” on business Web sites as a traditional “What’s New” page combined with a conversational “How ya do’in?” look and feel, and also incorporating recent FAQ info. It can also incorporate feedback … Read more