Mobile vs Desktop Traffic in 2021

A new SEMrush blog post titled “SERPs, Traffic and Trends: Mobile vs. Desktop in 2021”, begins by alerting everyone that Google is finally going to implement mobile-first indexing in March 2021 – this month! To better understand what this mobile-first indexing could mean, SEMrush then performed a series of tests using 2020 search-related data. This … Read more

Learn SEO Basics in One Hour – Really!

Learn the basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in one hour and by video?! Impossible you say? You’d be wrong! The MOZ description: Free 6-Part Video SeriesCan you learn SEO in an hour? Surprisingly, the answer is yes, at least when it comes to the fundamentals. From Rand Fishkin, we present you with a six-part … Read more

Oh No! Not Technical SEO!

Oh No! Not Technical SEO! Not another post that starts with “Oh No!”! It must be the coronavirus making me say “Oh No!” so much! However, I think “Oh No!” is what most do-it-yourself SEOers think when they see the phrase “Technical SEO”. If that’s you, relax! The good news is that Brian Dean, backlinko … Read more

Link Building for Newbies

Oh no!  Not another blog post on link building! But wait! Please don’t click away ’til you read this very short post and watch an unbelievably helpful how-to link building video by Rand Fishkin, co-founder of MOZ. What’s the big deal about link building? Because you can’t improve the visibility of your Web site for … Read more

Pillars Are The New Silos

Just about 4 years ago I wrote a blog post titled “To Silo or Not to Silo” dealing with the concept of “clustering” all Website content about a specific subject into a “silo” to help increase the ranking of that specific content in search engines. Recently there has been renewed interest in this SEO concept, … Read more

Technical Product SEO Success Story

Because I have spent the last 20-plus years performing technical product SEO, I thought you would find a specific recent example of that work interesting.  This example involved the launch of a new LED (Light Emitting Diode) product for a division of International Light Technologies (ILT). Birth of the LED Border Tube This technical product … Read more

BERT Goes Out on His Own

On no! BERT without Ernie! What gives? Well, it’s not THAT Bert! What is BERT? It’s Google’s latest major search algorithm update released on October 25, 2019. BERT stands for “Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers”.  Huh?!  (More on that below.) Here’s a link to the Google press release announcing BERT: “Understanding searches better than ever … Read more

Where In The World Is Rand Fishkin?

Link to main Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Web page Rand Fishkin Found! Forget Waldo! Where in the world is Rand Fishkin?! I’m not sure if it’s just me or if any of my readers also lost track of Rand Fishkin over the last couple of years.  Whatever the case, this video on Search Engine Land … Read more

Biggest 2019 SEO Trends

Link to main Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Web page Lilach Bullock, Contributor to the Forbes Magazine Small Business Blog, wrote a very interesting post earlier this year about what she sees as the biggest SEO trends affecting search in 2019. I’m not going to quote her post verbatim here (you can read her entire article … Read more