Digital Marketing in 5 Minutes

Learn Digital Marketing in 5 Minutes! Really?! What this 5 minute video actually does is introduce Digital Marketing newbies to 6 of the main channels that make up Digital Marketing: Content Marketing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Pay-per-click Paid Advertising Social Media Marketing Email marketing Affiliate Marketing The video also provides a quick synopsis of what’s … Read more

Digital Marketing and The Trustees Hike 125

Link to main Digital Marketing Web page As a 30-plus year marketing veteran, know what I love most?  When I read about a promotion by a non-profit and go, “What a great idea!”, then realize that I’ve just been “marketed”!  And it’s even better when that promotion includes a significant digital/online marketing component. That’s what … Read more

Completed My Digital Marketing Tutorial-Now What?

Link to main Digital Marketing Web page So you finished my free Digital Marketing Tutorial for Beginners. Congratulations! But now what?! In case you didn’t know already, you’re just getting started learning Digital/Online Marketing! Here’s a list of “32 free Online Marketing Classes to Take this Year” by Sophia Bernazzani at HubSpot. As you will … Read more

How To Put the Customer FIRST!

Link to main Digital Marketing Web page GREAT Example of an organization putting the Customer FIRST! My wife and I recently decided that we wanted to visit the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) in Boston. After checking out their Web site, I still had several questions about their general admission policy so I gave them … Read more

I’ve been Busy!

Link to main Digital Marketing Web page Sorry – no new posts for quite a while! Why? Because I have recently (in 2011) accepted a Marketing Management position with International Light Technologies (ILT), a light detection and measurement (and a lot more!) company located in Peabody, MA on Boston’s North Shore. Love the work, but it can be very … Read more

Digital Marketing Tip – Install Microsoft Expression Web SuperPreview

Part of the 999 Digital Marketing Tips Series By Dave Ingalls Digital Marketing Consultant January 1, 2011 Link to main Digital Marketing Web page Digital Marketing Tip #5: If you have NOT installed “Microsoft Expression Web SuperPreview for Internet Explorer” on your computer, STOP EVERYTHING AND DO IT IMMEDIATELY. Oh Oh! That’s two “Stop Everything … Read more