Burger King Whopper Detour Promo A Winner

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Using Online Marketing to drive BOTH app downloads AND foot traffic!

Looks like Burger King hit it out the of park with its latest “Whopper Detour” promotion! The promotion: Burger King fans got a Whopper for 1 cent, but they had to “order” it at a McDonald’s using the updated Burger King app! The promo ran December 4-12, 2018.

Promo Details

Customers didn’t have to walk into a McDonald’s and place the order, but they  did need to be near a McDonald’s to order the Whopper. Using the BK app, customers were able to get the 1 cent deal when they ordered within 600 feet of a McDonald’s.

Using geofencing around McDonald’s locations nationwide, The Whopper Detour deal allowed customers to unlock the deal when they were in the right location. The app also directed customers to the closest Burger King to pick up their burger.

Was it Successful?

To quote from QSR Magazine:

“The creative campaign has been extremely successful for Burger King from both the standpoint of winning customers over to their locations as opposed to a McDonald’s, and also getting more people to download their mobile app. Based on current campaign progress, the app has already hit No. 1 in the App Store’s Food and Drink category. Foot traffic has also reached recent highs for the brand across the country.”

The Take Away

Think way outside the box the next time your company or organization designs an online promotion. It may even involve sending new customers to your competitors as part of the deal!

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