Tiny Web Site No Visitors No Money-Think SEO

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My readers tend to be very small business owners who, I’m sure, would  characterize their companies’ Web sites as “tiny” that attract very few, if any, visitors AND have no money to pay someone to improve that situation!

Have I got a treat for you! Neil Patel, one of the world’s great SEO experts, has written a great blog post for folks in your situation!

Titled “How to Do SEO for a “Tiny” Website That Doesn’t Have Any Visitors or Money”, Patel goes thru a step by step process on how to use SEO to help tiny Website owners with no visitors or money make their sites more visible!

Highlights/insights include (emphasis mine):

“SEO is the most cost effective method of marketing for small businesses with a low marketing budget.”

“The quality of traffic from SEO is far better than you’d get from a PPC campaign. Organic traffic pulls in curious, engaged, and warm traffic.”

“It (SEO) doesn’t have to be difficult or take a long time. Here’s how to do SEO on a site with no traffic.”

First, create a content strategy. Why?P

“People want answers. In today’s world, talk is cheap because there’s so much of it. So people are seeking authoritative answers to their questions.”

Companies who use content marketing see conversion rates that are six times higher than their competitors who don’t use content marketing. It sounds like a magic solution, and it just might be.”

So how do you get started? Here’s a link to the Neil Patel’s full post:
How to Do SEO for a “Tiny” Website That Doesn’t Have Any Visitors or Money

Bottom Line: Tiny Website owners can NOT afford to NOT perform SEO basics on their Web sites!