Web Site Hosting – Negotiate, Negotiate, Negotiate!

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Here’s my Holiday present to all my loyal readers who own and/or manage the Web hosting for your Web site(s).

When it comes time to renew your Web site hosting agreement – negotiate, negotiate, negotiate!

My Web Site Hosting Renewal Story

What started me negotiating with my Web hosting company (a top 5 shared Web site hosting company) was receiving several promotional emails from them highlighting a very attractive monthly rate for any new Web sites set up with them, especially compared to the monthly rate I was currently paying for the same level of service!

Previously I was planning on switching Web hosting companies in order to get their introductory monthly hosting rate, but as I’m sure you know, switching your Web host is a lot of work that no small Web site owner needs, especially if, like me, you like your present Web hosting company!

So I did what any Web site owner would do – I logged into my Web hosting account and reviewed the renewal options I was being offered by my present hosting company.  I found that to renew, I was only being offered my present monthly hosting rate for a 1 year renewal.  I was mad!

Thank Goodness for “Chat”

Luckily I noticed that while logged in, I had the opportunity to “chat” with my present hosting company.  I politely vented my anger to the chat rep about being a 10-plus year customer of theirs and not being offered one of the new Web site special monthly rates to renew my existing hosting agreement.

Much to my (pleasant) surprise, the chat rep asked if I could please hold while she checked with her supervisor.  Two minutes later, she responded with a much better monthly rate if I renewed for 2 years.  I then asked what the rate would be if I renewed for 3 years. Once again she checked with her supervisor and came back with the same special rate being offered to new Web sites!

I immediately accepted the 3 year monthly hosting rate.  To complete this transaction, she had to set up a special link in the company’s online cart.  When clicked on, I went thru the normal renewal process, but with the special monthly rate and for 3 years.

Long story short, I will save over 60% on the cost of my Web site hosting during the course of this 3 year agreement!

The obvious question to ask is why didn’t this Web hosting company just give me these same choices when I clicked on the renewal options link?!  I can guess, but at this point, it’s water under the bridge.

So my holiday present to you is when it comes time to renew your Web hosting agreement, negotiate, negotiate, negotiate!