Viral Marketing Is Essential To Low-Cost Search Marketing

By Jennifer Laycock Editor, Search Engine Guide Dave’s Comments (Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog): A new spin on an old concept – viral marketing. Offline it’s called word-of-mouth or “buzz” marketing. Online, as Jennifer Laycock nicely points out in this article, one of its most useful forms is the ability to create unsolicited incoming links to … Read more

Search Engine Marketers Spent $5.75 Billion in 2005

Source: SEMPO Dave’s Comments (Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog): A leading US SEM organization has just released it’s 2005 Search Engine Marketing report. It includes all forms of SEM – search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine advertising. The growth in this space continues at a breakneck pace, still dominated by Google and Yahoo!. “Advertisers in … Read more

Slow and Steady SEM can Still Win the Race

By Jennifer Laycock Search Engine Guide Dave’s Comments (Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog): Jennifer outlines a no nonsense, down-to-earth way for small businesses to get started with, and then to get the most out of their search engine marketing efforts. “One of the most common reasons that I hear small business owners give about why they … Read more

Reciprocal Linking and Text Link Ads

by Dave Ingalls Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog May 31, 2005 Reciprocal Linking has been a particulary important element of Search Engine Optimization since the rise of Google. As you can review on my Linking Strategies Web page, reciprocal linking is a mechanism you can use to create inbound text links pointing to your Web site … Read more