Consumers Want Your Email

eMarketer Dave’s Comments (Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog): Quite detailed report with demographics in very interesting age segments (7 segments, 15-17 all the way up to 65+ plus a “Totals” column) and communications types. Worth a look! “Text and instant messaging are fine for friends, but not for marketers. That was the main finding of ExactTarget’s … Read more

Consumers Prefer E-Mail: Survey

From: DirectMag Dave’s Comments (Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog): This survey re-affirms the importance, now and in the future, of email communications with your Customers. Especially interesting to me was the importance that 18-34 year olds in this survey placed on email communications, now and for the next 5 years. “Consumers prefer e-mail as a primary … Read more

Wednesday Best Email Day, Late Afternoon Best Time

by eROI via Dave’s Comments (Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog): Wednesday isn’t just “Prince Spaghetti Day” anymore – according to eROI, it’s also the best day to send your email blasts! “The best day of the week to send email in the third quarter was Wednesday, according to the most recent eROI benchmark study of … Read more

Digital Pharma Marketers Keep It Simple

Lisa Phillips Senior Analyst eMarketer Dave’s Comments (Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog): The “digital” slice of the pharma marketing pie just keeps getting bigger each year, as this article highlights with some very interesting details about where the digital marketing dollars are being spent. “The endless text of pharma disclaimers is at home on the Web. … Read more

85% of Marketers, Service Providers Will Increase Online Spending

Email to get most attention, yet supporting data analytics often ignored Source: Alterian Dave’s Comments (Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog): The beat goes on! Looks like online marketing will continue to steal the lion’s share of advertising/marketing spending increases in 2007. Even direct marketers, long known for their mailers and printed catalogs, are jumping on the … Read more

Interesting Customer Acquisition Cost Info

Presented by Michael Levine Director of Strategic Alliances Yahoo Search Marketing “List Vision 2005”: Dave’s Comments (Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog): A really interesting bit of comparison info on what the cost of acquisition is for several popular forms of online and offline advertising. “At $8.50 a pop, the cost of acquiring one new customer by … Read more

Premiums That Propel Prospects to “Order Now”

By Karen Gedney Clickz B2B Email Marketing “One of the best ways to get a prospect to act immediately is to offer an incentive. In business-to-business (B2B), the usual suspects are: * Free information offers, such as white paper downloads * Online gift certificates in small denominations, such as $10 gift certificates * Drawings … Read more