Wednesday Best Email Day, Late Afternoon Best Time

by eROI

Dave’s Comments (Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog): Wednesday isn’t just “Prince Spaghetti Day” anymore – according to eROI, it’s also the best day to send your email blasts!

“The best day of the week to send email in the third quarter was Wednesday, according to the most recent eROI benchmark study of email-campaign clickthrough and open rates (via Direct magazine).

According to eROI’s Q3 data:

* The average open rate on Wednesdays in the third quarter was 25.4 percent, and the average click rate was 3.9 percent.
* The second-best day for email was Monday, which had an average open rate of 24.7 percent and click rate of 3.1 percent.
* The highest average click rate — 5.0 percent — was Saturday, which also had the lowest open rate: 18.7 percent.
* The third-highest open and click rates were Thursday: 23.6 percent and 3.7 percent, respectively.

Time of Day

As for the best time of day for open and click rates, during the heaviest email volumes (8 AM to 5 PM), there’s a marked upward trend as time passes, eROI said. That is, both open and click rates gradually increase:

* From a low of 2.6 percent at 8 AM to a high of 6.4 percent at 4 PM (down to 5.2 percent at 5 PM), in the case of click rates.
* From a low of 21.4 percent at 8 AM to a high of 34.1 percent at 5 PM, in the case of opens.”

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