Consumers Prefer E-Mail: Survey

From: DirectMag

Dave’s Comments (Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog): This survey re-affirms the importance, now and in the future, of email communications with your Customers. Especially interesting to me was the importance that 18-34 year olds in this survey placed on email communications, now and for the next 5 years.

“Consumers prefer e-mail as a primary method of communications in their personal and business capacities and will continue to do so in the future despite the rise of online threats and the emergence of other communication channels, according to a study by Habeas.

The report also revealed an interest from consumers in gaining more control over their online interactions with businesses and an increasing level of concern over spam and virus threats reaching consumers through their mobile devices.

‘Regardless of their concerns over e-mail and online threats, consumers are becoming even more dependent on e-mail for their relationships with each other, via social networks and Web 2.0 applications, and those with whom they do business,’ said Des Cahill, CEO of the online reputation management firm.”

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