How To Put the Customer FIRST!

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GREAT Example of an organization putting the Customer FIRST!

My wife and I recently decided that we wanted to visit the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) in Boston. After checking out their Web site, I still had several questions about their general admission policy so I gave them a call.

After answering my questions, the ICA employee added that it would best for my wife and I to delay our first visit to the ICA for almost a month! A new major exhibit was being installed, and because of that, only 50% of the exhibit space would be available for viewing during the next month.

Imagine an organization advising a potential customer to delay their first visit to their facility because it would be better for the Customer?! Instead of letting us pay for a visit to their facility that was only 50% available, the ICA gave us an honest appraisal of the state of their exhibits and took the chance that we might never visit their facility in the future.

What effect did that honesty have on me? I immediately thanked the ICA employee for her honesty, told her that we would definitely be visiting the ICA in about a month, gave the ICA and their honesty a glowing review to my wife and wrote this blog!

Pretty good return for putting the Customer first!