Bluehost – Free SSL Certificates to Hosted WordPress Sites

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Good News for all WordPress CMS users hosted on Bluehost – even on the low cost shared server hosting programs!

Bluehost is now offering FREE SSL Certificates for those Web sites!  Behind the scenes Bluehost is using the free SSL certificate service provided by “Let’s Encrypt” to get its WordPress hosted sites into the HTTPS world.

Edit: FREE SSL certificates for WordPress sites hosted on Bluehost changed from being supplied by Let’s Encrypt to Comodo PositiveSSL!

And Bluehost will even (try) to automatically renew these SSL certificates with Let’s Encrypt every 3 months (the standard length of time these SSL certificates are issued).

Many details are available in this post on WebHostWhat – ironically a post in HTTP, not HTTPS (looks like it’s HTTPS, but it’s not)!

Bluehost Announces Free SSL & HTTPS with Let’s Encrypt for WordPress