Loyalty Program Members Shop More, Spend More, Have More: Study

By Richard H. Levey
Direct Magazine

Dave’s Comments (Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog): While Direct Magazine’s summary of a just-completed Epsilon Marketing study on the positive sales impact of retail loyalty programs is not surprising, the detail in the report is very interesting AND is mentioned in this blog because of the potential positive impact of loyalty programs on B2B sales (“Frequent Buyer Programs”) should not be overlooked by Biotech marketers.

“Retailers sensing that members of their loyalty programs are more valuable customers now have hard facts to back up their gut instincts. According to a survey of holiday spending, participants have more to spend — and they do spend it.

During the past holiday season, loyalty scheme enrollees spent nearly $1200, or 14% more than other consumers. That is, in part, because they have it: 24% have incomes in excess of $100,000, compared with only 5% of non-enrollees.”

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