Forrester: B-to-B Marketers Fail Community Marketing Test

From: B-to-B Magazine

Dave’s Comments (Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog): B-to-B provides a nice synopsis of this Forrester study on why “community marketing” (Web 2.0 Internet Marketing) has not taken off in the business world. Hint – businesses have the wrong folks at the (social networking) helm!

“While enthusiastic about digital, only one-third of b-to-b marketers use blogs (33%) or other Web 2.0 media tactics (32%) in their marketing mix, according to a new Forrester report titled “B2B Marketers Fail the Community Marketing Test.”

Emerging social tactics are languishing under the corporate communications umbrella, the study found. When it comes to Web 2.0 tactics, corporate communications currently plays the lead role in producing online videos, authoring blogs and experimenting with social media.”

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Can User-Generated Content Generate Revenue?

From: eMarketer

“Show me the money!”

Dave’s Comments (Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog): Content is and remains king when it comes to capturing eyeballs on the Web, but is there a logical way to monetize the user-generated portion of it? An interesting question, given that a good deal of this user-generated “content” is, according to one observer, “crap”! You can read more about this phenomenon by clicking on the following link, Web 2.0 Internet Marketing – Digital Marketing Tutorial.

“The user-generated content movement is no longer a fad.

In the US, eMarketer projects that the number of user-generated content creators will rise from 77 million in 2007 to 108 million in 2012.

The content is being read, seen and heard, too.

The number of consumers of user-generated content will increase from 94 million in 2007 to 130 million in 2012.”

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Online Heads for 10% of Total US Ad Spend

From: eMarketer

Dave’s Comments (Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog): Having lived thru (and been laid off in!) the “Dot Com” bubble burst of 2001, it is absolutely amazing to me to see that one of THE most resilient sectors of U.S. advertising in 2008 (and beyond) is forecast to be Internet (online) advertising! Even for those of us who saw online advertising as an incredible opportunity at the beginning of this century, I think we’re all a bit amazed by the strength that segment is exhibiting in the current economic climate.

“When the going gets tough…

Sub-prime mortgage meltdowns. Floundering credit markets. Burst housing bubbles. Trillions wasted in war. Gold hitting $1,000. Tumbling stock markets. Falling payrolls. Oil at record highs. The dollar at record lows.

Is it any wonder that—even in a year of the Olympics and a presidential election—US advertising is struggling?

Almost all US advertising, anyway.

In the midst of the doldrums, like the Energizer Bunny, Internet advertising is still going strong.

‘Even if its rate of growth is declining slightly,’ says David Hallerman, eMarketer Senior Analyst and author of the new report, US Online Advertising: Resilient in a Rough Economy. ‘US online advertising is proving to be far more robust than other media channels.’

eMarketer predicts that this year online advertising will grow to nearly $25.9 billion and account for 8.8% of total US ad spending.”

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Generation MySpace Is Getting Fed Up

Annoyed with the ad deluge on social networks, many users are spending less time on the sites

Dave’s Comments (Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog): Has the next big thing in online advertising already come and gone, or are the social networking “monetizers” trying so hard to equate unique visitors and time-on-site to advertising dollars that they’re killing the golden goose? Time will tell, but here’s an interesting and not often seen perspective from BusinessWeek on the recent ad-ventures of MySpace and Facebook.

“If you want to socialize with Chris Heritage, you won’t find him on Facebook. The 27-year-old Port St. Lucie (Fla.) business analyst joined the social network last year after his buddies bugged him to get an account. But he soon became fed up with the avalanche of ads, especially those detailing what his friends were buying, and he quit the site in November. Now, Heritage expresses himself through a blog, happy to pay $6 a month to publish on a promo-free Web site. “It’s worth it to not have to look at the ads,” he says.

Uh-oh. Social networking was supposed to be the Next Big Thing on the Internet. MySpace, Facebook, and other sites have been attracting millions of new users, building sprawling sites that companies are banking on to trigger an online advertising boom. Trouble is, the boom isn’t booming anymore. Like Heritage, many people are spending less time on social networking sites or signing off altogether.”

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2008 B2B Marketing Forecast: Rise in Online Spending

From: BtoB

Dave’s Comments (Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog): The beat goes on with the migration of B2B marketing dollars to the online world, as this BtoB 2008 marketing forecast shows yet again.

“Most B2B marketers (some 60%) plan to increase their 2008 marketing budgets – but fully 79% plan to increase their online marketing budgets, according to BtoB magazine’s “2008 Marketing Priorities and Plans” study.

BtoB’s previous survey (2006) had found that nearly 76% of marketers planned to increase their online budgets in 2007.

Among the key findings of the survey:

* Online will constitute more than one-third (nearly 34%) of marketing budgets in 2008, B2B marketers said; that’s up from the nearly 27% cited for 2007.
* Online areas that marketers plan to increase next year are website development (74% of marketers said so); email (70%); search engine marketing (64%); video (40%); webcasting (39%); banners (36%); sponsorships (30%); and social media (26%).”

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Online Advertising on a Rocket Ride

From: eMarketer

Dave’s Comments (Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog): Amazing!! From the Internet/Online “bubble” bursting in 2001, when online advertising was $7.1 billion and actually went DOWN to $6.0 Billion in 2002, the numbers have been on a steady and accelerating climb ever since!

“The numbers are soaring.

Choose an adjective: Epochal. Momentous. Historic. Whatever the label, US online advertising spending is entering a new era.

eMarketer projects that US online advertising will more than double as a percentage of total media, rising from only a 6% share of total media in 2006, to slightly more than a 12% share in 2010.”

2001: $7.1 Billion
2002: $6.0
2003: $7.3
2004: $9.6
2005: $12.5
2006: $16.9
2007: $21.4
2008: $27.5
2009: $32.5
2010: $37.5
2011: $42.0

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Conversational Marketing to Become Mainstream by 2012

From: New Communications Review
(via MarketingCharts)

Dave’s Comments (Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog): Absolutely amazing! From a start only 2-3 years ago, online social media and “conversational marketing” are projected to capture more advertising dollars than will be spent on traditional marketing vehicles by 2012!

“Spending on social media and “conversational marketing” – albeit still in their nascent stage – will surpass traditional marketing spend by the end of 2012, according to a study conducted by TWI Surveys, Inc., the New Communications Review writes.

The survey of 260 senior PR and marcomms professionals was conducted on behalf of the Society of New Communications Research (SNCR) and Joseph Jaffe for his book Join the Conversation.”

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Yahoo SmartAds Combine Brand, Direct Response Ads

By Yahoo! Inc.

Dave’s Comments (Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog): This new Yahoo! display (“banner”) ad serving technology gives us all an insight into where banner advertising on the Web is headed, and the capabilities that it provides to the large consumer companies.

From the July 2nd Yahoo! Press Release:

Innovative, Patent-Pending Ad Delivery Platform Allows Marketers to Present Highly Targeted Online Display Ads in Real Time to Match a User’s Distinctive, Expressed Interests

Yahoo! Inc., a leading global Internet company, today announced the launch of Yahoo! SmartAds, a new, innovative advertising platform that allows marketers to deliver powerful, tailored display ads to highly targeted audiences. SmartAds combines Yahoo!’s leading consumer insights and rich media capabilities with new ad serving technology that automatically converts marketers’ creative campaign elements and targeted offerings into highly-customized and relevant display ads.

“Yahoo!’s SmartAds gives marketers what they want from online advertising: the ability to deliver customized marketing messages to consumers, and still engage very large audiences with their brand,” said Todd Teresi, Yahoo!’s senior vice president of display marketplaces. “By enabling marketers to reach consumers on a more tailored basis and helping creative agencies support those customized campaigns, we can provide an even more engaging, relevant online experience to the more than 500 million users of Yahoo! branded products and services.”

Yahoo! SmartAds is powered by Yahoo!’s leading behavioral, demographic and geographic targeting capabilities and aim to connect users with what they are looking for based on their distinctive, expressed interests. For example, if a user is browsing for hybrid cars in Yahoo! Autos and has selected San Francisco as their default location in Yahoo! Weather, Yahoo!’s SmartAds platform can assemble and deliver a display ad in real time that showcases a hybrid vehicle from a major auto brand, as well as local dealer information and current lease rates. This provides a relevant experience to the user and allows the marketer to reach a user who is likely to become a customer.

In addition, Yahoo!’s patent-pending SmartAds platform allows advertisers and agencies to design a single set of individual creative components, provide Yahoo! with that artwork and a feed to their entire database of offers, then allow Yahoo!’s SmartAds technology to automatically generate the hundreds – if not thousands – of unique ad combinations based on those components. This helps advertisers and agencies scale to take full advantage of all of Yahoo!’s audience targeting capabilities while maintaining control over how their brand is presented.

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Search Retargeting: It’s Ready

By Robin Neifield
Clickz Behavioral Targeting

Dave’s Comments (Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog): Search Re-targeting? New term to me as well! Think you’ll find the concept interesting, and the article’s author, Robin Neifield, is a great resource to learn more about the overall topic of Behavioral Targeting.

“Early adoption has its advantages, but being an aggressive innovator may not be the best idea when it comes to new targeting options. Hang back just a little bit while the bugs shake out. See what’s really working among the dizzying array of options for online marketers.

Finally, it’s time to step into search retargeting, if you haven’t already.

What exactly is search retargeting? Where is it in terms of development? Who offers the technology, and how can you use it to effectively affect the results of your clients’ campaigns?”

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Digital Pharma Marketers Keep It Simple

Lisa Phillips
Senior Analyst

Dave’s Comments (Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog): The “digital” slice of the pharma marketing pie just keeps getting bigger each year, as this article highlights with some very interesting details about where the digital marketing dollars are being spent.

“The endless text of pharma disclaimers is at home on the Web.

Web sites are getting pharmaceutical marketers’ interactive budgets this year, according to a new study by the Medical Broadcasting Company (MBC) and CBI Research.

A plurality of pharma marketers said site spending would be most likely to get their budgets this year.”

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