comScore: Yahoo’s New Ranking Model

From: Dave’s Comments (Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog): Looks like Yahoo! got it right this time! Their new paid search ad serving platform, code named Panama, is supposed to improve the click-thru rates of paid ads running on it’s search service, and preliminary comScore results show that it has! Panama is designed to serve the most … Read more

85% of Marketers, Service Providers Will Increase Online Spending

Email to get most attention, yet supporting data analytics often ignored Source: Alterian Dave’s Comments (Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog): The beat goes on! Looks like online marketing will continue to steal the lion’s share of advertising/marketing spending increases in 2007. Even direct marketers, long known for their mailers and printed catalogs, are jumping on the … Read more

SpiralFrog, Universal to Offer Free Music Downloads

By Alan Sacco CIO Dave’s Comments (Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog): This one is REALLY worth watching! It makes all the sense in the world to do something like this for SpiralFrog’s (stated) target demographic of 13 to 34 year olds. Basically they’ve taken the relevant-ads-displayed-with-relevant-content concept and replaced free text-based content with free music. You … Read more

Search: Research Online – Buy Offline

Source: iProspect Post-Holiday Online Shopping Study Dave’s Comments (Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog): The influence of online search marketing on the purchasing choices of millions of YOUR Customers continues to grow, even though MANY of the subsequent purchases are then made offline. Vexing problem to accurately attribute this type of purchase to online search, but one … Read more

Mastering Google AdWords Marketing: Contextual Advertising – Parts 1 and 2

By Richard Ball Search Engine Guide Dave’s Comments (Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog): As Richard points out, you’re really dealing with two VERY different audiences in terms of motivation in the Google Adwords Search and Content ad networks, and the default setting in Adwords when setting up a campaign is to display the same ad on … Read more

Interesting Customer Acquisition Cost Info

Presented by Michael Levine Director of Strategic Alliances Yahoo Search Marketing “List Vision 2005”: Dave’s Comments (Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog): A really interesting bit of comparison info on what the cost of acquisition is for several popular forms of online and offline advertising. “At $8.50 a pop, the cost of acquiring one new customer by … Read more

Pharma Continues Its Move to Online Advertising Dave’s Comments (Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog): This eMarketer report examines why a significant portion of pharmaceutical companies’ marketing focus and dollars are being shifted to the online world. “According to data from the Pew Internet and American Life Project, 45% of American adults, or 91 million Americans, regularly consume prescription drugs. And Manhattan Research … Read more