Google AdWords Marketing: Contextual Advertising – Parts 1, 2

By Richard Ball
Search Engine Guide

Dave’s Comments (Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog): As Richard points out, you’re really dealing with two VERY different audiences in terms of motivation in the Google Adwords Search and Content ad networks, and the default setting in Adwords when setting up a campaign is to display the same ad on BOTH networks. Take the time to read this article – both parts. You’ll be glad you did!

“Separate your Google AdWords search advertising and contextual advertising. Why?

1. The target audiences could be different
2. Content ads don’t perform as well (in most cases)
3. Track separately to see which type works for your situation
4. Add clarity to search stats
5. Google has a “negative site feature” for contextual ad campaigns

How? When creating an AdWords ad campaign, you will be given this choice:

Show ads on Google and the
* search network
* content network

Create two separate campaigns, one with only the search network box checked and one with only the content network box checked. The target audience for search ads and content ads (contextual ads) can be quite different. Let’s call them searchers (active) and browsers (passive), respectively. Searchers are actively typing the keywords you are bidding on. Browsers, who see your ad triggered by a contextual advertising system, are more passive in the sense that they didn’t type specific keywords into a search box.”

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