Ask Jeeves Sponsored Listings Advertisers Buy Direct

By Danny Sullivan

Dave’s Comments (Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog): Nice, detailed overview (as usual) from Danny Sullivan on Ask Jeeves’ new inhouse automated ad serving service. My advice to Web site owners who purchase Google Adwords ads: compare where your Google Adwords ads are serving for your keyword searches on both Google and Ask Jeeves. If the ads are not serving in equivalent positions on both, take a look at your Web site analytics report to see which engine is sending you the most “organic search” traffic, then base your final decision where to advertise on how important Ask Jeeves search traffic is to your overall success.

“After weeks of rumors, Ask Jeeves unveiled a new automated paid listings service — Ask Jeeves Sponsored Listings. It allows anyone to purchase ads on the Ask Jeeves network directly, rather than having to buy placement via Google or to work through an Ask Jeeves account rep.

Google is the primary way most advertisers currently appear at Ask Jeeves. Those buying ads on Google also automatically show up at Ask Jeeves and other Ask-owned properties through a partnership that began in September 2002, unless an advertiser specifically chooses to opt out of the Google Network to run ads only on Google’s sites.

The Ask Jeeves-Google partnership isn’t ending. Google’s ads will continue to show up on Ask Jeeves. But now, advertisers can easily purchase placement directly through Ask Jeeves itself.”

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