Search Engine Results Continuing to Diverge

By Chris Sherman
Associate Editor

Dave’s Comments (Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog): A comparison of of first page search results for 4 of the most popular search engines – Google, Yahoo!, MSN and Ask Jeeves. It’s really quite amazing how much the results vary between any 2 search engines, and particularly, among all 4 of the engines. A must read!

“A new study suggests that the overlap between search engine results is less than it was even a few months ago, and that the voices of each engine are growing even more unique.

It’s easy to think of search engines as black boxes that all deliver more or less the same results. But that’s not an accurate view, according to a study released today by Dogpile and researchers from the University of Pittsburgh and Penn State University.

The study looked at search results from more than 12,500 random queries on Ask Jeeves, Google, MSN search and Yahoo, and found that the overlap in first page results for these four engines was a scant 1.1% on average for a given query, suggesting that each of the four major search engines has a unique voice that’s not duplicated by the other services.”

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