State of the Blogosphere, August 2005, Part 1: Blog Growth

By Dave Sifry

Dave’s Comments (Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog): The number of blogs in the “Blogosphere” is DOUBLING every 5.5 MONTHS! A source of Customers, Prospects and information that Web Marketers can NOT afford to ignore!

“Well, it is that time again! It has been almost 6 months since the last State of the Blogosphere, and so the team at Technorati and I have put together some high level information on what we’ve been tracking. Today I’ll focus on the macro growth of the blogosphere, both in the number of bloggers out there, as well as in the growth of new blogs per day.

As of the end of July 2005, Technorati was tracking over 14.2 Million weblogs, and over 1.3 billion links. Interestingly, this is just about double the number of blogs that we were tracking 5 months ago. In March 2005 we were tracking 7.8 million blogs, which means the blogosphere has just about doubled again in the past 5 months, and that the blogosphere continues to double about every 5.5 months.”

Read the entire “Blogosphere” report on Technorati.

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