Can User-Generated Content Generate Revenue?

From: eMarketer

“Show me the money!”

Dave’s Comments (Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog): Content is and remains king when it comes to capturing eyeballs on the Web, but is there a logical way to monetize the user-generated portion of it? An interesting question, given that a good deal of this user-generated “content” is, according to one observer, “crap”! You can read more about this phenomenon by clicking on the following link, Web 2.0 Internet Marketing – Digital Marketing Tutorial.

“The user-generated content movement is no longer a fad.

In the US, eMarketer projects that the number of user-generated content creators will rise from 77 million in 2007 to 108 million in 2012.

The content is being read, seen and heard, too.

The number of consumers of user-generated content will increase from 94 million in 2007 to 130 million in 2012.”

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