Linux IS for Dummies!

What does learning Linux have to do with Digital Marketing Consulting? Nothing really!

Instead, this is my blog post about how I, like the rest of the world, and especially wanna-be geeks like me, am trying to survive the Coronavirus pandemic.  And that survival for me has included learning the Linux operating system!

My Linux journey started because of my growing frustration with the Windows operating system.  Bet you never heard that one before!

Don’t get me wrong – I have not abandoned Windows. In fact I still do most of my blogging and Web site editing on a Windows PC. But I’ve become increasingly frustrated with the number of Windows updates that have to be installed and the seemingly endless amount of time those updates take.

Over the years I had made several half-hearted attempts at learning Linux, but never got very far because my starting point had always been trying to learn Linux by using the dreaded Linux terminal!

Then one day about a 6 weeks ago, trying to make it through another boring Coronavirus day, I stumbled across Ubuntu, a Linux version with a GUI (Graphical User Interface) front-end like Windows. And it also could be installed on a Windows PC in what’s called a “dual-boot” setup. I had to try it out!

Long story short, I installed Ubuntu/Linux on my Windows 10 laptop PC in dual boot mode, and it worked!  I had BOTH operating systems running flawlessly on the same laptop PC!

For about a week, I had lots of fun trying out new apps on Ubuntu/Linux. And again, everything worked perfectly including starting to learn how to use the Linux Terminal!  Heaven!

Then I got greedy!  In order to add more apps to Ubuntu/Linux, I decided to decrease the size of the Windows hard drive partition and increase the size of the Ubuntu/Linux partition. BIG MISTAKE!  I was over my head.  I ended up with a laptop PC that didn’t function with either Ubuntu/Linux or Windows!

The ONLY way I could get my laptop PC functioning again was to delete all programs and re-install Ubuntu/Linux.  To my surprise, I was able get the PC running flawlessly again!  I had made a backup of the Windows operating system that came installed on my laptop, but it was not cooperating.  And starting from scratch with Windows meant I would have to buy another copy.  Not happening!

And the REALLY good news is that I created THIS blog post on my laptop PC running only the Linux operating system, Ubuntu version 18.04 and WordPress (my blog CMS) on a Chrome browser.

So it’s true – Linux IS for Dummies – really!

If you’d like to go on the same Ubuntu/Linux journey, here’s several helpful links to get started:

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