Oh No! Not Technical SEO!

Oh No! Not Technical SEO!

Not another post that starts with “Oh No!”! It must be the coronavirus making me say “Oh No!” so much!

However, I think “Oh No!” is what most do-it-yourself SEOers think when they see the phrase “Technical SEO”. If that’s you, relax!

The good news is that Brian Dean, backlinko Web site creator and SEO expert, has broken Technical SEO into bite-sized, logical pieces in his new “Technical SEO – The Definitive Guide”. And Brian has organized this material into an easy-to-follow, chapter-by-chapter guide. Below is the guide’s table of contents with a link to each chapter:

Contents: backlinko Technical SEO – The Definitive Guide
Chapter 1 Technical SEO Fundamentals
Chapter 2 Site Structure and Navigation
Chapter 3 Crawling, Rendering and Indexing
Chapter 4 Thin and Duplicate Content
Chapter 5 PageSpeed
Chapter 6 Extra Technical SEO Tips
BONUS CHAPTER Technical SEO Case Studies

After you’ve taken a look thru this guide, here’s my advice: Don’t panic and think “Oh No!” Follow the guide outline chapter by chapter and take your time! Applying Technical SEO to your site is not a sprint – it’s a marathon!

Thanks to Brian Dean for making Technical SEO an “Oh YES!” experience!

Here’s a link to the SEO page in my Digital Marketing Tutorial.