Learn SEO Basics in One Hour – Really!

Learn the basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in one hour and by video?! Impossible you say? You’d be wrong!

The MOZ description:

Free 6-Part Video Series
Can you learn SEO in an hour? Surprisingly, the answer is yes, at least when it comes to the fundamentals.

From Rand Fishkin, we present you with a six-part series of roughly ten-minute-long videos designed to deliver core SEO concepts. This short course is perfect for a wide range of people including beginner SEOs, clients, and team members. Each video covers an important SEO concept:

  1. SEO Strategy
  2. Keyword Research
  3. Searcher Satisfaction
  4. On-page Optimization
  5. Technical SEO
  6. Link Building – Ready to dive in?

After watching these 6 videos done by Rand Fishkin in his famous “Whiteboard Friday” format, I can only say Wow! It IS Possible to learn the basics of SEO by watching these 6 one hour videos.

So don’t delay! Here’s a link:
One Hour Guide to SEO