German BMW Banned From Google

By Philipp Lenssen
Google Blogoscoped

Dave’s Comments (Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog): All German Web site pages have been removed from Google results for using doorway pages, a classic search engine spamming technique. Goes to show that Google is SERIOUS about punishing those who try to manipulate Google search results using underhanded SEO techniques they have banned for YEARS!

“From what it looks like, the German websites of car maker BMW have been kicked out of the Google index. at this time has a PageRank of 0. A search for BMW Germany, which only days ago yielded as a top result, now doesn’t show any sign of at all. Instead, – BMW’s international site – is on top for this search.

The reason for the ban is likely to be that the BMW websites have been caught employing a technique used by black-hat search engine optimizers: doorway pages. German and international bloggers last week were quick to spread the news.

As you may know, a doorway page is stuffed full of keywords that the site feels a need to be optimized for; however, as opposed to real pages, this doorway is only displayed to the Googlebot. Human visitors will be immediately redirected to another page upon visit. And that’s exactly what happened at, as reported Wednesday.”

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