Recent Reinclusions

Source: Matt Cutts: Gadgets, Google, and SEO

Dave’s comments (Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog): Wow! That was fast! ALL German-based BMW Web site pages (on, etc.) are back in the Google index less than 1 week after they were removed for using SEO spamming techniques! Usually takes at least 30 days for full re-instatement. Guess it pays to have a well-known brand!

“I appreciate BMW’s quick response on removing JavaScript-redirecting pages from BMW properties. The webspam team at Google has been in contact with BMW, and Google has reincluded in our index. Likewise, has also removed similar doorway pages and has been reincluded in Google’s index.

As I’ve discussed before, Google will be expanding its efforts on webspam in non-English languages this year. Just as a reminder, Google’s quality guidelines have been available for several years in many languages:”

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