“Winning Results with Google AdWords”

New book by Andrew Goodman

Book Reviewed by Chris Sherman
Associate Editor

Dave’s Comments (Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog): This is the next book I order! How about you?

“Andrew Goodman is one of the foremost authorities on search advertising in the world, and his new book is a killer guide to succeeding with Google’s sponsored links.

Google is famous for touting the simplicity of its AdWords program. “All that’s needed is five minutes and a credit card,” Google claims on its corporate information web page. And while it’s certainly true that you can establish an AdWords account in five minutes, and possibly get your first ad up and running within an hour or so, whether it’s actually effective and leads to a successful outcome is another matter altogether.

Google, of course, benefits regardless of whether your sponsored links are effective—at least until you run out of money or your ineffective ads are disabled. That’s not to say Google doesn’t want your ads to be successful—the company also provides a lot of information and tools to help you create effective search advertising campaigns. But the reality is that mastering the AdWords system takes a certain degree of effort and commitment, and is really something of a science and art combined.

Andrew Goodman’s “Winning Results with Google AdWords” is an outstanding guide to the company’s advertising program. The book distills Andrew’s years of experience helping clients create and manage successful search advertising campaigns into a 352 page handbook that you’ll refer to often.”

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