Why Isn’t My Business Web Site Working?

by Dave Ingalls
Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog

Sound familiar? You (Director or VP of Marketing) spent all that time (and money!) several years ago building the slickest Web site in your industry, but now it just sits there. Visits, page views, leads are all flat or headed in the wrong direction, and your CEO is asking you why. What are you telling him or her?

My experience is that question has a simple answer, but a rather complex solution. The problem with your Web site, and probably your entire online marketing effort, is that NO ONE OWNS IT!! Many groups within your company are supposed to contribute to the Web site/online marketing effort, but getting their contributions is like pulling teeth! And when you do get those contributions, they don’t have the same “voice” that the original Web site content and/or eNewsletter had.

More to follow…Part 2