Why Isn’t My Business Web Site Working? (Part 2)

by Dave Ingalls
Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog

That’s right – NO ONE OWNS IT!

The worst death a business/corporate Web site can suffer is that no one person is given the responsibility (and authority!) to make the Web site grow and contribute to the overall marketing goals of the business.

Your Web site needs a CHAMPION. You, as VP/Director of Marketing, need to find that person within your existing organization, or hire someone from outside. And I do mean that PERSON – one person totally committed to the success of the Web site, and preferably, to ALL aspects of your company’s online marketing effort.

If you “hire from within”, don’t make the mistake of making the success of the company’s online marketing effort one of a dozen “most important” objectives for the person you put in charge of it. The online marketing effort should not be positioned as a one of many task – if you want it to succeed, you need to give it the resources it needs, and the FIRST step in that process is making it someone’s KEY responsibility.

More to follow…Part 3