Viral Video a Big Winner at Blendtec

by Bernie Borges

Dave’s Comments (Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog): I had heard bits and pieces (pardon the pun!) about these viral videos from Blendtec, but had never heard the entire story. Well, here it is, including an iPhone “blending” demonstration!

“Yesterday’s keynote at Pubcon was George Wright, the Marketing Director at Blendtec. He told the story of how they have used viral video to exponentially grow their business in the past two years. If you’re not familiar with the story, it’s a textbook case study on viral marketing on the social web. Here it is…

Blendtec is a Utah Manufacturer of commercial high performance blending products for restaurants. They also have a retail product called the Total blender that uses the same technology as their commercial products.

George joined the company less than three years ago. He quickly learned that Blendtec has great products but didn’t have brand recognition. Great products with a weak brand equals weak sales.

He recommended to Tom Dickson, Blentec’s CEO they do a brand campaign. Tom, said sure go ahead. And btw, your budget is $50. Not $50 per month. Just $50.

George turned lemon into lemonade….”

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NOTE: Unfortunately, this blog post about Blendtec from is no longer available. In its place I provide the following Blendtec-related links:

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