Vertical “Clusters” Key to LookSmart Turnaround

By Brian Quinton

Dave’s Comments (Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog): LookSmart has been off my SEM “radar” for YEARS. Now it seems they’re actually doing some interesting “search engineering”, according to this article on Well worth the read.

“LookSmart, the online media content and technology company that has been struggling for a place at the search table since losing its search contract with MSN in 2003, has launched 161 new vertical “channels” in 13 categories such as health, home, automotive, food, cities, sports and travel.

The new verticals join 20 sites already in place in the money and education categories, launched last The company’s hope is that advertisers will find the highly targeted sites a good place to place ads aimed at readers who are more qualified than those at general search portals.

Dave Hills, LookSmart CEO, compared the state of search today with the television industry before the rise of cable TV. “You’ve got a vibrant distribution system, you’ve got a lot of advertiser demand, and consumers continue to show their prowess at being able to manage many different media choices,” he said. LookSmart decided that consumers would use—and advertisers would value—a set of sites that crawled and aggregated the topical content on their interests more quickly than a broad search of Google, Yahoo! or MSN.”

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