Technical Product SEO Success Story

Because I have spent the last 20-plus years performing technical product SEO, I thought you would find a specific recent example of that work interesting.  This example involved the launch of a new LED (Light Emitting Diode) product for a division of International Light Technologies (ILT).

Birth of the LED Border Tube

This technical product SEO effort began in late 2016 when the product manager for the ILT Signage Products Division told me that he was nearing completion of a new LED product.  Because of the (always) limited Marketing budget at a small company like ILT, we decided that the best approach to generate the most sales leads quickly would be from organic and paid searches on Google.

We began the process with some basic info about this new LED product:

  • This product was a LED replacement for neon tubes used to outline buildings to draw attention to them at night
  • This product concept was NOT a new one to the market
  • Several major lighting manufacturers had already introduced their versions of this LED product
  • As with most LED signage products, this was a niche product
  • The Product Manager was confident that the ILT LED product had significant advantages over existing LED products
  • The new LED product had not been given a name

New LED Product SEO Work Begins

We started with a fairly exhaustive search for keyword phrases that described this product AND returned a decent number of search results in Google.  We used the Google Ads Keyword Planner extensively in this effort.

We were also hopeful that this search for an appropriate keyword search phrase could also yield a great name for this new as yet un-named product.

A KEY technical product SEO point is to always find the correct niche for the product in which to be found!  By that I mean that the keyword phrase finally targeted better also include several of the key competitors selling a similar product.  Major competitors included on page 1 of Google search results for the keyword search term “led border tube” included Allanson LED, Sloan LED and Principal LED.

Keyword Phrase AND Product Name Chosen

By now you probably guessed the keyword phrase we chose: LED Border Tube

A Google search for “led border tube” without the quotation marks:

As of this writing, there are over 20 MILLION search results in Google for the term “led border tube” (w/o the quotes), and the ILT LED Border Tube Web page is STILL the #1 search result!

ILT LED Border Tube product page:

Hope your technical product SEO efforts are as successful as this one!