Pillars Are The New Silos

Just about 4 years ago I wrote a blog post titled “To Silo or Not to Silo” dealing with the concept of “clustering” all Website content about a specific subject into a “silo” to help increase the ranking of that specific content in search engines.

Recently there has been renewed interest in this SEO concept, now being referred to as Pillar Pages surrounded by information about that central pillar page (“topic clusters”) in a very specific structure.

I found detailed posts on this subject listed below by 3 very highly respected sources that I wanted to share with my readers. I suggest starting with the HubSpot post as it contains several very helpful graphics on the subject.

HubSpot: “What is a Pillar Page

Neil Patel: “Pillar Pages Explained

IDG: “Why Topic Clusters and Pillar Pages Matter for Your SEO Strategy

Hub and Spoke SEO Model
Another more recent approach to this Silo/Pillar SEO concept is called the “Hub and Spoke” SEO model. In this model, the “Hub” is the main keyword phrase you are trying gain Page 1 exposure for in the Google Search Index. The “Spokes” are iterations of the main keyword phrase, each on a separate web page or blog page surrounded by appropriate text content.

This configuration and the content it contains are meant to add to the authority of the Website for the main keyword phrase.

A detailed explanation of the Hub and Spoke SEO approach is provided in the following blog post:

“The Best SEO Content Plan: The Hub & Spoke Model”

It has certainly become one of my favorites, especially when optimizing keyword phrases on an existing B2B Web site.