Putting Spring in Your Ka-ching: 10 Direct Mail Tips

by Steve McNamara

Dave’s Comments (Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog): What do 10 tips to improve Direct Mail response have to do with Web Marketing? You’d be surprised! Read what AdCracker.com email newsletter subscribers told Steve McNamara – many of the tips include an online component…

“Every year we conduct a survey of AdCracker.com’s subscribers to identify ways that marketers are squeezing more sales from their budgets. Here are some learnings from this year’s report:

1. Make stronger offers

The old maxim is, “The more you give the more you will get.” Most understand that to mean more sales flow from 25 percent off than from 10 percent off.

But “giving more” does not have to mean “spending more.” It does mean creating offers and promotions that are useful or interesting to prospects.”

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