Podcasting, Podcasts in eNewsletters, and Podcast Search

Dave’s Comments (Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog): Get a crash course on how to create a podcast (it’s really simple), how to include one in a standard text eNewsletter to give it more zing, and how to find/listen to existing podcasts, as well as how to register your own podcast in the latest greatest podcast search engine! Just click on the links below – in 10 minutes you’ll be a podcast expert!

NOTE: As of January 2009, Podzinger has become a marketing and search engine optimization network, and no longer provides audio and video search.

Podcasts in E-Newsletters: Give Your Articles a Voice
By Karen Gedney
Clickz B2B Email Marketing
(Includes the basics of creating a podcast)

Podzinger Podcast Search Engine
(The latest, greatest podcast search engine)

About Podzinger
(How does a search engine search AUDIO info? Find out here!)

And for those who want to know ALL about podcasting, here’s a link to an extensive, detailed description on Wikipedia:

Wikipedia – Podcasting