Now That’s A B2B Online Marketing Video!

Wow! A new video on the Wasabi Technologies Website blows away traditional online B2B marketing video concepts.

First, let’s take a look at the video and then discuss:

Bet you’ve never seen a business-to-business (B2B) online marketing video like that before! Neither had I!

Came across this video and the company that produced it (Wasabi Technologies) after reading about Wasabi in an online Boston Globe article by Hiawatha Bray. Cloud storage company Wasabi raises $112 million

Interested, I entered the Wasabi Home Page URL and right there on the Home Page I came across this video. Of course I was intrigued and watched the entire 3 minute plus “online B2B music video”.

Here’s how Wasabi introduces this video:

“Listen to Nate and Kate”

“Nate (he’s back), Director of IT and Kate (introducing), CFO – They are here to share just how much money your company can save by migrating to Wasabi. Does your boss need convincing? We’ve got everything you need to make the case.”

Surprise, surprise – the co-founders of Wasabi Technologies came from Carbonite, a company founded way back in 2006 that (still) sells online storage to consumers.

So what does Wasabi sell? Here’s Wikipedia’s description:

“Wasabi Technologies, Inc. is an object storage service provider based in the United States. It sells one product, an object storage service called Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage. The company… launched its cloud storage product in May, 2017.”

Not exactly the sexiest product ever marketed on the Web! So why did Wasabi produce this “online B2B music video” aimed at their target markets of IT Directors and CFOs? To get their key target customers’ attention, it was almost mandatory!

Online B2B marketing videos have been around for well over 10 YEARS! Here’s an example of one of my favorites from 14 YEARS ago:

“Will it Blend?” A classic series of early days online B2B marketing videos!

Did it blend and did it work? You bet! But you’ll notice no paid actors, no singing, no choreography, etc. This series of videos did one thing very well – it showcased the key benefit of this commercial food processor to its potential business customers – it will blend ANYTHING!

If Wasabi, a relatively young, small and very successful B2B tech start-up, thinks one of the best ways to attract its key potential customers away from their established relationship with Amazon AWS is to sink a significant percentage of their marketing dollars in an “online B2B music video”, perhaps your company should also re-think its online marketing budget allocation.

Key take-away: Years of consumer-targeted online marketing videos are converting B2B online marketing videos to a form more closely mimicking those consumer online videos.