LinkedIn – THE 2022 B2B Social Media Destination

“LinkedIn Will Become The Social Destination For B2B”

by Heather Campbell – SEJ, Director of Marketing at Search Engine Journal

Excerpted from SEJ Post: “Expert Social Media Marketing Predictions For 2022”

Dave Ingalls’ Comments: B2B Marketers have finally discovered LinkedIn! What wonderful insights Heather Campbell provides into where B2B Marketers will be advertising in 2022 and why.
If your goal is advertise DIRECTLY to your B2B target audience via Social Media, you must seriously consider placing that advertising on LinkedIn.
Highlights of her post are offered below.
The entire post can be read on SEJ using this link:

“Next year (2022), marketers will really see the opportunity of LinkedIn for raising awareness, growing, and engaging with their community. Business-to-business (B2B) organizations are finally seeing the value to marketing like never before.”

“And, LinkedIn will be the social destination for B2B organizations looking to build their authority and attract new customers and partners.”

“LinkedIn is upping its game for analytic insights, too.”

“With Articles for Pages, you get detailed audience insights of people who read and interacted with your content, helping marketers see how to best customize content for their LinkedIn audience.”

“LinkedIn Live video analytics showcase top viewer demographics, live viewer stats, video engagement, and more.”

“Let’s not forget about the paid side of LinkedIn, where ad spend in the U.S. for B2B organizations is expected to top $2 billion by 2023.”

“While CPAs can be more expensive on LinkedIn than other social media platforms, the quality can be worth the cost. And, if that’s where the B2B buyers are hanging out, that’s where we’ll see B2B marketers, too.”