MSN adCenter Launches – Called Microsoft adCenter

Source: SearchEngineWatch Blog

Dave’s Comments (Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog): adCenter is Microsoft’s attempt to strike at the heart (and the overwhelming source of revenue/profit) of arch-rival Google. And with BOTH Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer on hand to hype the official launch of this latest, and very different, Microsoft venture, it’s a call for “all hands on deck” in Redmond! And as Web marketers, it’s the third major search-related online ad platform that you must know and utilize to its fullest potential.

“While MSN adCenter has been in pilot mode since mid-October, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is announcing the official launch of adCenter at Thursday’s MSN Strategic Account Summit… as well as the new name change to Microsoft adCenter.

Along with the launch comes news that adCenter will launch in the UK market on a limited basis in June, begin testing their contextual advertising this summer, provide ads on multiple Live products and drop Yahoo! Search Marketing ads from all US-based searches on MSN Search.”

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