Is Your Webmaster Making Your Company’s Marketing Decisions?

By Jennifer Laycock
Search Engine Guide

Dave’s Comments (Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog): This question have a familiar ring to it? Whether is does or not, my advice is to read this short article to see if you’ve already fallen victim to the online marketing mistake!

“The carpenter who built your house is not necessarily the right person to sell it. If you want to see real return on your webmaster’s creation, we recommend they not be the person involved in marketing the site.

Many online businesses are more than happy to leave the aspects of marketing their web site to the person who developed the site – their web master. While it’s true that developing and optimizing a website involves a fair amount of technical knowledge, a professional search engine marketer should be the person developing your search marketing strategy, not your webmaster.

The recent MarketingSherpa Search Marketing Metrics survey showed that sites which include organic search engine marketing experienced an average increase on conversions by 158%.

Clearly defined marketing that focuses on the features and benefits of your product/service, concentration on retaining and up selling customers and defining your unique selling proposition are aspects of marketing that most webmasters have little or no experience in.

If indeed your webmaster is calling the shots and making your SEM decisions, here are a few questions to ask them to address to rate their marketing savvy-ness…”

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