How to Get WordPress Website Mgr. Experience

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I really like the WordPress Web site content management system (CMS) for a lot of reasons!

For one, I have used WordPress to manage this Web site for over a decade. For another, I like helping folks who started using WordPress as their Web site’s CMS, but either got too busy and/or stayed away from WP too long and the frequent updates got ahead of their ability to keep their WP Web sites current.

And the third reason is I like using a CMS where I can “look under the hood” to see what makes it tick, and WordPress is the perfect CMS to do that.

Drag and Drop Web Site Page Builders

One of the most recent additions to WordPress is the advent of either free or (more typically) paid drag and drop Web site page builders. A WordPress page builder is usually made available as a WordPress Theme.

Read much more about 5 of the most popular drag and drop WordPress page builders in this WP Beginner post:

The WP page builder I have seen many folks using on their sites is the Divi Drag and Drop Theme and WordPress Page Builder by Elegant Themes. Here’s a link to the Divi theme home page:

To get a better handle on how these WordPress drag and drop page builder themes work, I purchased the Divi Theme Builder and began using it several Web sites on my home PC Web server.

Time to Get Real-World Divi Experience

Long story short, that experience was valuable, but there’s nothing like working with a WordPress theme or plugin on a production Web site. The problem with that is no site owner wants you working on their Web site unless you have significant hands-on experience with their specific WordPress theme.

No one, that is, except non-profits that need help managing their newly launched WordPress Divi theme and don’t have that experience in-house.

Through Volunteer Match, I was able to find several non-profits in that exact predicament. I recently started working as a volunteer Web site manager for one of those non-profits.

After I’ve worked on that Divi-themed WordPress site for a while, I promise to give you all an update on how this experience worked out for both the non-profit and me!