How to Cook the Perfect T-Bone Steak!

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The online marketing of at least Web one site paid off big time for its owners – and for me!

Recently I was faced with the daunting task of grilling a T-bone steak. Daunting because grilling anything is a challenge for me! So of course I turned to Google to (hopefully) bail me out.

I searched on “grilling t-bone steak” without the quotes. The #2 Google search result out of approximately 6.7 Million search results was titled “How to Grill a T-bone or Porterhouse Steak – A Tutorial” and had the HTML title tag of “How to Grill a T-bone or Porterhouse Steak – A Tutorial | 101 Cooking for Two”. Here’s a link to that Web page:

I zeroed in this search result because both the HTML title tag and page title directly met my urgent need for this specific information. And as soon as I scanned to page info (text and photos), I knew I had to give this page a read.

As I dug into the information, I realized that not only was it written for someone like me to read and understand, but it also promised to provide me with a foolproof way to fairly easily grill the perfect T-bone steak!

And the tutorial worked to perfection. Following the directions as closely as possible, I delivered the best grilled steak I ever cooked to the dinner table!

So what did this gem of a tutorial on grilling the perfect T-bone steak get this site besides my undying gratitude?!

By following a few simple search rules like 1) providing solid, specific information on the subject of the article, and by 2) maximizing the use of the HTML title tag and the H1 tag on the on-the-page article title, the site owners got 3) another search result (mine) that will help keep this page near the top of Google search results, 4) a bookmark in my browser and 5) my recommendation of this page to a number of my family and friends.

And what do you think those folks did as soon as they saw the link? That’s right – more page visits and confirmation to Google that this page is what it says it is.

How’s that for grilling up the perfect online marketing tutorial?!