Why Isn’t My Business Web Site Working? (Part 3)

by Dave Ingalls
Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog

Now that you know the major problem with your business Web site is that it doesn’t have a champion – a single “owner” charged with the mission of making that Web site and associated online marketing activities pull its weight – what do you do about it?

Find a Web site/online marketing champion! Let’s start the search by trying to define the qualities of an ideal candidate. In my opinion, the perfect business Web site/online marketing champion has the following KEY characteristics:

This person KNOWS the Internet/Web. Maybe he/she has a personal Web site, or blogs about a passion of theirs. In other words, he/she is ALREADY immersed in this form of communication – that’s important because any potential Customers you are able to attract to your Web site are also completely comfortable with learning thru this medium.

This person KNOWS your market segment’s Customers or, based on his/her previous experience, can quickly “learn” your Customers. Why? Because your Web site/online marketing champion needs to know how Customers like yours find information on the type of products/services you sell.

This person KNOWS how to write! If you’re going to give your Web site a single “voice”, it better be one that your Customers, prospects, employees and media want to hear!

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