Why I REALLY Like SocialMediaB2B.com

By Dave Ingalls
Digital Marketing Consultant
March 30, 2010

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I recently “discovered” the site SocialMediaB2B.com and now I’m more or less addicted to it!

What is “SocialMediaB2B.com”? Here’s how they describe themselves:

“SocialMediaB2B.com’s goal is to become the foremost news and discussion site on the topic social media’s impact on B2B companies, help drive social media adoption within B2B companies, and become a repository for advice and commentary from experts in the social media and B2B industries. The site is a group blog with editors and regular and guest contributors publishing articles on a variety of subjects related to social media’s impact on B2B companies.”

What I love about this site is the way the articles are so well crafted to the specific needs of B2B Internet Marketers.

Here’s an example of a recent article on pitching B2B stories to B2B bloggers:

“4 Things to Know When Pitching B2B Bloggers” by Karlie Justus

First, Karlie gave a nice overview of pitching stories to bloggers versus traditional newspaper, technical journal editors:

“Some points to consider:

  • Actually read the blog. Whether you subscribe to it in a news reader or do a quick scan once a month, get a handle for the blogger’s tone, writing and opinions.
  • Search for the term “pitch” and “pitching” among the blog posts. This may yield a post that details exactly how that blogger would like to be approached with ideas for content. Check the about page or other pages on the blog.
  • Establish a baseline relationship by following the blogger on Twitter and commenting on his or her blog.
  • Make sure the blogger has access to images, screenshots, link, etc. that will help him or her directly drop those into a post.
  • Personalize, personalize, personalize. Put yourself in the blogger’s shoes – if you received this e-mail, would you immediately drag, drop and delete?
  • Don’t attach a news release. If you can’t relate how your information is important to a blog’s readers in a paragraph or two, reconsider your angle.”

And then the article gets REALLY interesting for B2B Internet Marketers:

“What are some things that are different when you pitch a B2B blogger? When you have a story, product, person or example you think could provide great content for a B2B blog, here are some things to think about:”

Read the entire article on SocialMediaB2B.com.