What is RSS, and Why Should You Care?

By Chris Sherman, Associate Editor

Dave’s Comments (Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog): Heads up to ALL Web Marketers! Here’s a painless way to learn what you need to know about RSS feeds and how you can use them to your benefit. RSS feeds are already important and becoming more so. Here’s one example – I have UN-subscribed to a number of daily/weekly email newsletters after adding their RSS Feeds to my MyYahoo! Web Page (this page can be used as an RSS feed aggregator/reader). How many others are also doing the exact same thing?! Lots, so be prepared!

“This week, SearchDay takes a close look at RSS, a web publishing format that’s transforming information delivery for both publishers and users.

RSS has been around for some time now, and savvy users have come to rely on their RSS “feeds” as a fundamental channel for keeping up with current events and discovering new information. But RSS is still somewhat confusing for many people, and with good reason—it’s an emerging technology that’s still going through massive growing pains, even as it changes the way we consume information.”

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