Web Analytics: The Power is in Integration

By Jason Burby

Dave’s Comments (Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog): The KEY concept for me from this article – “Integration is helping many clients better understand the 95 percent plus people who DON’T convert on the site.” This Web Analytics article focuses on Omniture’s new Genesis product, but be sure to checkout what WebSideStory and WebTrends are up to when it comes to integration.

“Last week I attended Omniture’s release of its new offering, Genesis. The event was very well attended. Omniture Genesis is basically automated integration (think plug and play) that allows marketers to easily integrate other data and common systems right into the tool.

This helps satisfy a longstanding frustration. I’ve written a fair amount about how Web analytics data is valuable on its own but becomes much more valuable when integrated with other insight. We often combine attitudinal and competitive data with behavioral data like Web analytics. Of equal value is the ability to truly integrate marketing drivers and other site-side tools.

Yes, people have been tracking e-mail campaigns, banner campaigns, and onsite search effectiveness through analytics tools for years, and all the vendors have the ability to do so. But the trend we’re seeing now is a much deeper integration of this data type in an even easier framework.”

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