Twitter Basics in 10 Minutes or Less

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That’s my goal – give you the Twitter basics in 10 minutes or less.

This post will provide you with the Twitter basics, not to start “tweeting” immediately after you read this post, but rather to first help you learn basic Twitter terminology (if you don’t know the language, it’s pretty hard to understand the conversation!), and then provide a way to find out what you could use Twitter for.

After that 10 minute exercise, THEN you will be able to search the “Twitterverse” to find out what if any part of that universe is interesting to you, and be able understand what’s being discussed there!

To help accomplish that goal, I’m going to direct you to 2 excellent, short blog posts, “Twitter Terminology 101” by Sande Saimond (no longer available), and “6 Quick Tips to Search Twitter Like an Expert” by Kipp Bodnar.

Read Sande’s Twitter terminology post first. Don’t try to memorize it – first skim thru it to get a sense of what the various symbols and terms that you’ll be seeing in tweets in the next part of the exercise mean. Or even print it out and refer to it as you do your twitter surfing.

Then onto Kipp Bodnar’s Search Twitter Like an Expert Tips. I like this post because it QUICKLY helps Twitter newbies find EXACTLY what subject areas they might find interesting on Twitter and what’s being “tweeted” about those subjects.

So get started and in 10 minutes or less you’ll be exploring the Twitterverse with phrases like this one:

"ipad" -ipod filter:links

and understanding what you find!

Good Luck!