Really, Really Cuil?

by Danny Sullivan
Search Engine Land

Dave’s Comments (Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog): I haven’t heard this much chatter about a potential Google competitor (Cuil) in many months! Maybe there’s something to it this time. Really, really Cuil?

This brief blog entry highlights search engine guru Danny Sullivan’s take on all this. Read on and see for yourself!

NOTE: Cuil shut down in September 2010 (Wikipedia article on Cuil)

“Can any start-up search engine “be the next Google?” Many have wondered this, and today’s launch of Cuil (pronounced “cool”) may provide the best test case since Google itself overtook more established search engines.

Cuil provides what appears to be a comprehensive index of the web, a unique display presentation and emerges at a time when people might be ready to embrace a quality “underdog” service.

The big questions now are, how’s the relevancy hold up? And can word-of-mouth really still build significant share?”

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Cuil Launches — Can This Search Start-Up Really Best Google?