Trade Shows ARE Inbound Marketing

At least they can be! The trick is to find the right ones and learn how to attend – it’s not just renting an 8×10 foot booth in the exhibit hall! Great B2B Trade Show/Conference Example A great example of what I’m talking about in the B2B world is Pittcon, an annual trade show/conference that … Read more

BERT Goes Out on His Own

On no! BERT without Ernie! What gives? Well, it’s not THAT Bert! What is BERT? It’s Google’s latest major search algorithm update released on October 25, 2019. BERT stands for “Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers”.  Huh?!  (More on that below.) Here’s a link to the Google press release announcing BERT: “Understanding searches better than ever … Read more

Recent Google Analytics Updates

Below is a copy of the most recent Google Analytics updates. Instead of me giving you my spin on each update, I thought it was best for the Google Analytics Team to do that! Google Analytics – October 2019 Product Update Product & Feature Highlights Manage Tags Easily and Safely With the New Community Template … Read more

B2B Online Selling: It’s All About Trust!

Link to main B2B Digital Marketing Web page Today I want to highlight a great B2B post by Apruve. Apruve sells a “B2B Credit Management and Automation Platform”. I can’t speak to the value of their product because I don’t use a service like that, but I sure can endorse their July 2017 blog post … Read more

Where In The World Is Rand Fishkin?

Link to main Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Web page Rand Fishkin Found! Forget Waldo! Where in the world is Rand Fishkin?! I’m not sure if it’s just me or if any of my readers also lost track of Rand Fishkin over the last couple of years.  Whatever the case, this video on Search Engine Land … Read more

Biggest 2019 SEO Trends

Link to main Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Web page Lilach Bullock, Contributor to the Forbes Magazine Small Business Blog, wrote a very interesting post earlier this year about what she sees as the biggest SEO trends affecting search in 2019. I’m not going to quote her post verbatim here (you can read her entire article … Read more

Mobile SEO

Link to main Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Web page This post has become the “Mobile SEO” page in my Digital Marketing Tutorial. Here’s an excerpt: You heard right – Mobile SEO! Just when you thought you had a pretty good handle on “standard” Search Engine Optimization, along comes Mobile SEO! So what the heck is … Read more

Local Search Ranking Factors in 2018

Link to main Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Web page Are you a small business trying to figure out how to show up in local Google searches for your products or services? I bet you are because most of my blog readers are! A great primer on how to accomplish this was recently published on Moz … Read more