CRO vs SEO – Huh?

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What is CRO?

I know…first what is CRO and should I really use it in place of SEO?  Turns out these two should be working together to increase your site’s ROI. I know you all know what that is!

From Neil’s post:

“Everyone on the internet is not your customer (I was guilty of committing this belief mistake when I launched my first business). You need to define your target audience via search engine optimization and aim for conversion optimization. And that’s where creating personas helps.

But, the main argument I’m trying to make is getting organic traffic alone from many keywords won’t get you more revenue. You need to apply conversion optimization.

You need to target very specific industry keywords (long-tail keywords convert much better) to get more qualified visitors that are actually interested in what you are selling. This is conversion optimization.”

CRO vs SEO Primer

For a primer on CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) and how it’s related to traditional SEO, check out this article by Neil Patel:

“CRO vs SEO: Which One Should You Focus on Right Now”.

Very interesting read worth your time.