AddThis to Help Your Online Content Go Viral

By Dave Ingalls
Digital Marketing Consultant

You’re a small business owner who has taken the time to create some original content for your Web site to help that site be more visible to potential Customers via the major search engines, just like all the Internet Marketing experts tell you to do. But after you add it to your Web site and let your existing prospects and customers know about it, what else can you do? How about helping that online content “go viral” easily and at no cost to you? Here’s how.

Look at the bottom of this post. See the “SHARE” button? Click on it. What you and over 95% of your Web site visitors will see is a listing of over 200 ways for them to share this post with friends and/or business associates! (Why 95%? Because that’s how many Web surfers have JavaScript turned on in their Web browsers-you have to have JScript turned on in order to make the “SHARE” button fully functional.).

Those visitors can send someone they know an email about the content, or they can add it to one of several popular “social bookmark” Web sites like Delicious and StumbleUpon, or they can add it to the RSS Reader they use to receive feeds of this nature (they’re all here), or they can “tweet” about it on Twitter, or they can add it to their Facebook wall, or – you get the picture!

Interested? If yes, head on over to AddThis and pick up the code for your very own “SHARE” button. It’s free, it’s simple to install on your Web pages/Blog posts and if you go thru a simple registration process, you can get statistics on what visitors are doing with these “SHARE” options.