6 Simple Google SEO Tips For Small Businesses

by Hubspot Internet Marketing Blog

Dave’s Comments (Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog): Google’s Matt Cutts “in the flesh” – great stuff – thanks to Hubspot for bringing this video to my attention, and thanks for the brief summary of the main points made by Matt. My 2 cents on the point about starting a blog: great idea, but from a SEO point of view, I think it will be more effective to your overall visibility on the Web if you have the blog reside “under” your Web site domain – that way, the content of your blog will also be seen as part of your web site content. Check with your Web site host company – most of the large hosts offer at least one type of free blogging software that can be installed “under” your existing domain – I recommend using WordPress if your Web hosting company offers it.

“Google’s Matt Cutts posted a great article on his blog recently with simple and practical tips for small businesses. The video is included below.

The video is no longer available.

The following are some of the simple tips made in the video.  Great advice for small business marketers.  The points in the video are simple, but it’s interesting because it’s straight, unfiltered advice from Google.”

To read these tips, click on the following link to go to the Hubspot Blog page:

6 Simple SEO Tips For Small Business Straight From Google